Interior Landscaping

Plantwerks is a full-service interior landscaping company.

We have an innate desire to connect with nature. Incorporating the philosophy of biophilia, we design green interior spaces that purify the air and creates a healthier and more productive workplace. Our design team provides expertise in horticulture with skillfully designed landscaping concepts utilizing modern, stylish containers. Selecting the right plants for your space, we create unique ‘green’ designs to complement your interior environment.

Putting Our Expertise to Work

    • We survey the space to determine the best plantings and specific locations based on light and airflow.
    • We utilize the latest, new products and trends in the industry, including eco-friendly containers.
    • Will can help build your identity with plants and decorative containers to complement your branding, logo, and the interior design of your lobby or office space.

Please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation. Whether you are looking to improve or update your current interior plant program, looking for a competitive quote, or looking to implement a new green design for your facilities, we are happy to help. Your air is cleaner when your space is greener.