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Plants first, business second. We are here because we love plants.

Incorporating green plants into your environment creates a healthier and more productive workplace.

Dedicated to bringing the beauty of nature indoors.

Creating environments where people thrive

Your air is cleaner when your space is greener.

Interior Landscaping

Greening the office installing the highest quality plants and foliage in modern and stylish containers provide natural dividers and is a functional and sustainable solution for the new workplace and social distancing.

Living Walls

It's a work of art! Living walls offer an economic and psychological advantage creating social distancing and at the same time, bring nature into the workplace. They are versatile and can be free-standing, mobile, or attached to any structure. In addition, they provide sound absorption and security.

Container Gardening

We specialize in creating unique, colorful container gardens using exotic foliage and plants that will complement your exterior space.

Holiday and Winter Themes

Plantwerks is ready with festive and exciting holiday designs and winter themes that will light up the season!