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We are dedicated to bringing the beauty of nature indoors.

Incorporating green plants into your environment provides life and creates a healthier and more productive workplace.

Premier Interior Landscaper.

Greening the environment for more than 35 years. Your air is cleaner when your space is greener.

Interior Landscaping

We create unique, site specific designs with green and tropical plants for office and commercial spaces.

Living Walls

It's a living work of art! Green plants used in a living wall adds life and texture to interior spaces.

Container Gardening

We specialize in creating unique, colorful container gardens using exotic foliage and plants that will complement your exterior space.

Holiday and Winter Themes

Plantwerks is ready with festive and exciting holiday designs and winter themes that will light up the season!
Living wall installed at University of New England brings the outdoors in. The tropical plants flow in a curvilinear design giving the illusion of movement and mimics the adjacent Saco River.
Curious about a living plant installation? Click on the photo above to view our time lapse footage of an interior landscaping installation in central Maine.
Trees installed in the new lobby at EMMC. Click photo to read story and view photos...