Living Walls

Improve Your Air Quality

Living walls are a work of art!

Green walls breathe life into interior environments transforming everyday spaces into distinct, interior experiences. In today’s real estate market, every square foot of floor space is often budgeted for increased functionality and production while the vertical space is widely left barren. Please contact us to inquire about a living wall installation.
Walls provide an empty canvas to design with plants and can be:

  • Stationary or portable walls
  • Room dividers and conversation piece
  • Limited only by your imagination

A significant amount of scientific evidence suggests that being around greenery can stave off stress, elevate mood and improve cognitive function, among other things. –

Plants used in living walls trap particulate matter and carbon dioxide gasses from the air while releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Beyond purifying toxins from the air, plants emit oxygen into the air through their natural process of photosynthesis. This increase in oxygen helps to keep us healthy and alert. Various studies conclude greater productivity, creativity and problem solving as a result of adding plants to the workspace. Hospital environments with plants have shown increased recovery time with reductions in patients’ demand for pain medication.