Lobby renovation incorporates living wall in Portland, Maine


For this office lobby located in the central business district of Portland, Plantwerks collaborated with the property management team, architects and lighting specialists to incorporate a living wall design with various colors and textures to enhance the space when stepping into the Class A building.

Living walls and biophilic design in Portsmouth, NH

Global Aquaculture Alliance and Plantwerks teamed up in creating a focal wall at their new corporate headquarters integrating multiple, biophilic design elements including two living walls, a water feature, a Koi pond, and natural stone.

Double living wall creates “wow” factor

Global Aquaculture invested in a wellness “wow” factor in their new office. The double living wall installation resulted in a “wow”  factor that Global Aquaculture wanted to achieve for their employees and clients. Plantwerks provided on-site green wall “fun facts” and education on plant care for  employees.

Green installations at New Topsham Care Center

Plantwerks installed a living wall and vertical tropical plant peace garden at the new medical care facility. The green design provides comfort and beauty for the medical patients and employees.

Living Wall at UNE

Planwerks installed a 400 square foot living wall in the new Danielle N. Ripich Commons Student Center at UNE enhancing the structure both aesthetically and environmentally. The curvilinear design gives the illusion of movement and mimics the adjacent Saco River.

Plantwerks creates a beautiful living wall

Plantwerks creates a beautiful living wall for the new Raleigh Wine Bar and Market in downtown Portsmouth. As you enter the Wine Bar you are greeted by lush foliage creating a wonderful environment to drink wine, dine and purchase delicious take homes from  their market! Let Plantwerks create a unique living wall where you work, play or live.

Plantwerks creates a beautiful living wall for the new Raleigh Wine Bar and Market in downtown Portsmouth