Introducing Nature’s Game Changing Technology for the Modern Workplace

Professional Interior Landscaping

Conveniently situated in Salisbury, MA, Plantwerks has the perfect location to provide our services throughout three New England states. We provide our expert plant care installation and maintenance services from Southern Maine and Southern New Hampshire down to Boston, MA and Boston’s Metrowest.

Distinct Plant Design

We provide design solutions for all interiors and light exteriors using the best ‘green’ approach available for each location. Our designs are created by experts in the field and fashioned with a variety of exotic foliage and stylish containers.

Putting Our Expertise to Work

It all starts with a consultation where we Replica Rolex Submariner Watches listen to the client’s needs ensuring that we create a unique ‘green’ design for each individual. By surveying locations within an environment, we find the best home for each plant using skillful concepts of design and our expertise in horticulture.

You Can Depend On Us

We send out trained professionals who are dependable, bonded and have security clearance.

We Bring the Beauty of Nature Indoors

Our distinct tropical plants are shipped directly from Florida and California. To keep our clients’ designs stylish and fresh, we are constantly in-the-know about new plant varieties and modern trends in pots and containers.

State-of-the-Art Digital Imaging

By using digital imaging we give the customer a visual of exactly what they are getting by showing them pictures of their space digitally altered with the newly added plants and containers.

May We Help You Relocate?

If you are making a move and need to relocate your plants, we have gentle hands and temperature controlled vehicles. We are specially equipped to handle your plants and get them to their new home safely.

Ours is a White Glove Approach

Company’s coming, let’s put out the china. At Plantwerks, we have plant technicians who are experienced and qualified to give the best possible care to your office plants. Regular visits from our friendly staff, ensure that your investments are kept in top condition. Under our expert care, your plants will live long prosperous lives, bringing joy and clean air to all that are surrounded by them.