Living Walls and Live Picture

Improve your Air Quality

Living Walls and Live Picture

As with most plants the plants in vertical planting systems can purify your indoor air of pollutants that are introduced into buildings from common building materials such as flooring adhesives and the paint on our walls. Many of these toxins are known carcinogens, like as formaldehyde and benzene, while others can induce for some symptoms of headaches, chronic fatigue, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Plants used in living walls trap particulate matter and carbon dioxide gasses from the air while releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. According to research from Dr. William Wolverton of NASA, many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) inclucing: benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and trichloroethylene can have their levels greatly reduced by even a few houseplants.

Beyond purifying toxins from the air, plants emit oxygen into the air through their natural process of photosynthesis. This increase in oxygen helps to keep us healthy and alert.

People have coexisted and evolved with plants throughout time in the natural world. Plants provide us the necessities of food, shelter, clothes, energy, art, medicine and a connection to the natural world. This connection is referred to as biophilia and researchers have found that our physical and mental well-being is raised by the presence of natural greenery. To put it simply plants can make us feel good. Various studies conclude greater productivity, creativity and problem solving as a result of adding plants to the workspace. Hospital environments with plants have shown increased recovery time with reductions in demand for pain medication in patients.

Space Efficiency

In modern residences and offices, floor space is limited. Every square inch of floor space is often budgeted for increased functionality, production, or storage while the vertical space on walls is widely left barren. Walls offer a vibrant opportunity for green potential offering a huge canvas on which to design with plants in situations where using floor space is not an optimal.

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