Florida trip to visit our growers and attend the Tropical Plant International Expo

The Plantwerks team headed down to Florida this January to tour the tropical plant farms and meet with our growers to get a sense of what greenery is looking spectacular for the spring/summer 2018 season. And then it was off to the Tropical Plant International Expo to gain a pulse on the new interiorscape trends.

Plant Paradise

Plantwerks arrives in “plant paradise”  Florida to tour our growers greenhouses and preview more than 1000 varieties of stunning interior plants. The 2017 spring/summer collections are healthy, lush and amazing for our clients!

New interiorscape design concepts and hot holiday trends

Plantwerks hits TPIE the Tropical Plant Industry Tradeshow in Florida to connect with people, partners and peers, get a pulse on new interiorscape design concepts and hot holiday trends.





Plantwerks Welcomes Students at Newburyport High School with New Interior Landscaping

Lynne Petty of Plantwerks, Inc. stands by Newburyport High Principal Michael Parent with plants the company donated at the entrance way to the high school. Plantwerks designed and funded an interior landscaping plan of live plants for the main thoroughfare planters at the school that will welcome the students and provide a psychological lift, and offer cleaner air, clearer thinking (indoor plants have been shown to improve idea generation, improve memory retention and boost productivity) and a reduction in the daily stress of high school, Petty said.

Source: Daily News – Jim Vaikknoras/Staff photo