Winter Garden renovation, Andover MA

At the winter garden Plantwerks undertook a major cleanup of forty interior Ficus Benjamina trees which are roughly 18’ tall. We pruned and cleaned the trees so more light penetrates through to the lower branches encouraging new growth to develop. This new growth will allow the trees to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and will purify more indoor air pollutants to cleaner air. To clean the appearance of the entire space the ground cover plantings are also slated for redesign.


Kettle Cuisine, Lynn MA

Kettle Cuisine has recently moved their entire operation and corporate headquarters to a brand new facility in Lynn, MA. We are delighted to have been awarded the contract to outfit their interior with new plants, containers, as well as the maintenance. Our design features symmetry fiberglass containers with a ten foot Pleomele Reflexa ‘Song of India’ as the specimen planting for the new lobby. The Relexa is flanked by variegated Arboricola bushes on either side as seen in the photo.


Embassy Suites Hotel, Portland ME

Embassy Suites Portland is undergoing significant renovations and remarketing efforts and we were happy to help. We entered this account to transform the space into a welcoming and beautiful environment. We added new plants and under plantings throughout the common spaces. The existing plants were starting to take on a tired and aged appearance as old plants sometimes do. We utilized many of their existing containers providing savings and value within the redesign. This space really has been transformed and everyone is truly pleased with the results.

Embassy Suites Hotel